Leather care:

All pieces are hand made using quality materials that will age beautifully over time. 

Please follow these steps to ensure the best for your leather:

  • water, and other liquids, will penetrate the leather, please use caution around ones that could stain.
  • if item becomes wet wipe dry with a clean cloth immediately. Allow very wet pieces to dry slowly at room temperature - not too quickly as this may cause hardening and possibly cracking. dry flat to avoid misshaping.
  • while strong, the leather will mark on rough surfaces, please use caution if you wish to maintain the original appearance.
  • prints and foiling are a surface treatments and may fade over time with hard use.
  • if wishing to protect, restore or clean the leather please test in an inconspicuous area as all products vary however many will darken veg tanned leather.
  • use and exposure to sunlight will darken the leather. 

Brass fittings will patina over time indicative of usage - polishing cloths and even solutions may be used to restore shine. However, care should be taken to protect leather from chemicals and polishing rags.

For further enquires, assistance or to ask about commissioned pieces and wholesale opportunities please don’t hesitate to get in touch.